Evohealth / Bringing hope to haemophilia patients

Bringing hope to haemophilia patients

Co-designing a clinical implementation plan for haemophilia gene therapy.

Australian Haemophilia Centre Directors Organisation


Gene therapy is on the horizon as a novel treatment for haemophilia, giving hope to patients and relief from life long therapy. However, the introduction into the Australian healthcare system will be complex.


A clinical implementation plan co-designed by clinicians from the Australian Haemophilia Centre Directors’ Organisation (AHCDO). The clinical plan can be found HERE.

Haemophilia is a rare inherited bleeding disorder with two primary variants (A &B). It affects approximately 3,000 Australians. To date, there is no cure.

Gene therapies developed by multiple researchers and companies are expected to transform the patient treatment pathway and paradigm. However, its introduction into the Australian healthcare system will not be without challenges.

Evohealth conducted a comprehensive desktop review to understand the current state of haemophilia care in Australia, as well as the opportunity on the horizon that gene therapy presents. Our research was supplemented by expert interviews with clinicians, patients, policymakers and stakeholders.

A co-design workshop was held with AHCDO clinicians to shape a service delivery model, model of care and stakeholder engagement approach to support the introduction of gene therapy for haemophilia in Australia.

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