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Welcome to Evohealth, where we prioritise delivering swift and effective solutions designed to support your organisation in delivering better health to patients. As leading health consultants, our evidence-based approach ensures that every recommendation and solution we provide is grounded in robust research, evidence, and industry best practices.

With deep sector expertise at our disposal, we’re uniquely positioned to add significant value and help solve your most pressing challenges. Our teams of health consultants are carefully crafted to address your specific requirements, whether it’s kickstarting strategic initiatives or implementing transformative projects.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our enduring relationships with our clients. They return to us time and time again, a testament to the trust they place in our ability to deliver impactful solutions that drive real results.

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People are at the centre of what we do.

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We are accountable, dependable, supportive and act with integrity.

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We focus on what matters.

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Our expertise

Our network of health consultants support clients throughout the healthcare system. Our work is centred on improving patient outcomes, our expertise spans:

Public Health

Specialising in public health policy advice, evaluation, and research across all determinants of health, our health consultants provide comprehensive policy, operational and design solutions. We offer unparalleled insights and strategies to optimise health outcomes and address complex public health challenges.

Primary Care

We are experienced in delivering seamless and efficient care tailored to patient needs within the primary care setting . Our health consultants excel in ensuring patients receive the highest quality of care and support.

Mental Health

We specialise in providing evidence-based solutions aimed at reducing the prevalence and impact of mental illness and suicide. Our health consultants are committed to implementing strategies that prioritise mental health, fostering resilience, and promoting well-being within communities.

Aged Care

Supporting our clients with clinical, policy, and business transformation initiatives, our expertise as health consultants is dedicated to ensuring that all people can age well by delivering appropriate care. We are committed to implementing tailored strategies that foster healthy aging, promote well-being, and address the diverse needs of older populations.

Indigenous Health

Through collaborative projects with government and other organisations, we are dedicated to supporting communities in closing the gap in health outcomes for First Nations’ peoples. As health consultants, our expertise lies in developing targeted strategies and initiatives that address the unique health challenges faced by Indigenous communities, fostering equity, and promoting cultural sensitivity in healthcare delivery.

Life Sciences

From research and development to product launch and beyond, our focus as health consultants is on providing innovative solutions for the Life Sciences sector aimed at improving patient lives. We specialise in developing and implementing cutting-edge strategies that prioritise patient well-being, ensuring that our solutions make a meaningful impact on healthcare outcomes.

The delivery of healthcare is complex.

Our focus is not.

Better health for all.

At Evohealth, we are dedicated to advancing health equity for all Australians.

Read our latest report "Closing the medicines gap" which delves into the critical issue of medicine accessibility for First Nations people.

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