Our community of advisors includes experts across health, including primary health, public health and life sciences.
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Renae Beardmore

Managing Director

I founded Evohealth to help clients solve complex problems with interesting and creative consultants. We explore new ways of working to support the delivery of innovation and excellence in healthcare.

Claire MacNamara

Senior Advisor

I am passionate about working with consumers, and the health sector, to develop evidence-based, innovative policy. I support equitable and improved outcomes for all Australians.

Vlad Matic

Senior Advisor

I am committed to working with clients and consumers to develop insightful solutions to managing complex health problems, whether at national policy level, or inside the consult room. I enjoy working with diverse groups of people and organisations in...

Deanna Mill


I believe in the power of evidence-based and expert-informed solutions to drive positive change in healthcare.

Sharon Musgrave

Senior Advisor

I enjoy partnering with organisations to share my experiences and insights as well as my passion for fair and equitable access to life-changing medicines.

John Pilla

Senior Advisor

A highly experienced evaluator with over 20 years' experience in the health and human services industry.

Yukti Sharma


I am driven to drive positive change within the health system to make it more effective, efficient and equitable.

Mike Smith

Senior Advisor

A 25 year career teaches some important lessons – work hard to understand all perspectives, especially those who disagree with you. Then learn and apply these lessons…

Annette Taylor

Business Manager

A highly experienced admin specialist with a passion for supporting business process.

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