Evohealth / Our journey to developing a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) at Evohealth

Our journey to developing a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) at Evohealth

May 28, 2024

Since launching our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in November 2023, I’ve often been asked by larger organisations why and how we developed our RAP. As part of Reconciliation Week, I wanted to share our journey – the why and how.

Embarking on this journey has been a profound experience for Evohealth. As a small organisation, we recognised the importance of contributing to the national reconciliation movement and fostering a deeper connection with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Our mission at Evohealth is to ‘Deliver better health to all Australians,’ and playing our part in the journey to reconciliation was simply the right thing to do. The Reflect RAP is the first step in this journey, designed to guide our efforts in building respectful relationships and creating meaningful opportunities. The process began with a commitment to understanding the histories and cultures of First Nations peoples, which is essential for genuine reconciliation.

Developing our RAP required collaboration across our organisation. We formed a small but dedicated working group to drive the initiative, meeting regularly to keep the process on track. This group worked diligently to identify key areas where Evohealth could make a tangible impact, such as in employment, procurement, and community engagement.

One of the most enlightening aspects of this journey was the opportunity to work with artist Megan Daley to create ‘Life on Country’ for our RAP. Megan captured both the beauty and power of Ngunnawal and Nambri land, where our head office located in Canberra.

Reconciliation Australia provides a comprehensive guide and range of templates that supported the process, even for small organisations like Evohealth. As a result, we were able to implement a range of initiatives that will raise cultural awareness among our staff, fostering an environment of respect and understanding.

As we move forward with our RAP, we are committed to continuous learning and improvement. This plan is not just a document but a living framework that will evolve as we deepen our engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We are excited to see the positive changes that will come from this commitment and look forward to the ongoing journey towards reconciliation.

For more details on our Reflect RAP and our specific actions, you can view the full document here.

Renae Beardmore

Managing Director, Evohealth

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