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Mike Smith


A 25 year career teaches some important lessons – work hard to understand all perspectives, especially those who disagree with you. Then learn and apply these lessons…
My full bio
Mike is an independent reimbursement, market access and policy consultant committed to helping successfully bring important new health technologies to Australians.

A 25 year career teaches some important lessons:
– work hard to understand all perspectives – especially the perspective of those who disagree with you – and remember these perspectives when you’re making decisions;
– work hard to understand what your customer is saying to you, and
– make sure these things you learn become part of the way you conduct yourself.

Mike learned and applied these lessons through preparing dozens of submissions to the PBAC and navigating the reimbursement process with colleagues in the Department of Health, learning with and from patient organisations, and participating & leading Medicines Australia projects and collaborations. Today Mike continues to learn lessons and use his experience to help technology companies understand the reimbursement system, plan and implement their strategy, and bring their important new technology to Australians who need them.

Throughout this time, Mike was an active participant and leader of industry-level policy activities.

What you won’t learn from my bio

Mike was born in a place where Al Capone used to hang out in the day. No, not Chicago…Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. It’s true…look it up.