Evohealth / Cell and gene therapies: Rising to the challenge Scorecard 2023
Scorecard 2023

Measuring Australia’s progress towards timely and equitable access to cell and gene therapies.

Cell and Gene Therapies, or CGTs, are at the forefront of medical innovation. Unlike conventional medicines, these powerful new therapies target a patient’s own immune cells or genes to deliver long-lasting therapeutic, or at times, curative benefits, treating a range of health conditions such as some cancers, genetic disorders, chronic diseases and more.

Cell and gene therapies give patients hope where no hope has existed before.

Our research reveals that Australia’s health system will struggle to deliver on the promise of these innovative therapies without significant change. If we want to harness their potential to improve the health of Australians, an urgent focus on system change is necessary.

Preparing the health care system for a new era in medical treatment

In July 2021, Evohealth launched the CGT: Rising to the challenge white paper. This paper examined Australia’s preparedness for CGTs and outlined seven recommendations for critical and immediate actions to progress equitable and timely access to CGTs.

Link to white paper: Cell and gene therapies: Rising to the challenge – evohealth

Australia is falling behind our international counterparts in preparing for CGTs.

Since the launch of the CGT: Rising to the challenge white paper, even more CGTs have become available with several already being used in Australian hospitals to treat eligible patients with certain forms of blood cancer, melanoma, spinal muscular atrophy, and inherited retinal disease despite the lack of nationally coordinated preparation for these innovative therapies.

With innovation comes change and change needs action.

This scorecard rates the pace of change in Australia against the seven recommendations of the 2021 CGT: Rising to the challenge white paper with 16 expert informed and endorsed indicators. These indicators are designed to be measured against progress in the coming years.

Renae Beardmore, Jodie Hillen, Karinna Saxby, Yukti Sharma and Laura Birchall.. CGT: Rising to the challenge Scorecard 2023
Renae Beardmore

Managing Director, Evohealth


Advisor, Evohealth

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