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Annette Taylor

Business Manager

A highly experienced admin specialist with a passion for supporting business process.
My full bio
I have worked in business support and high-level administrative assistance roles for over 15 years, supporting busy executives and company directors in a range of dynamic industries including legal, health care, education and training, government (both State and Federal), financial services, entertainment, and law enforcement.

The term ‘admin support’ encompasses a vast range of critical tasks and responsibilities, and as a problem-solver I am constantly energised by the challenge of dealing with a wide variety of issues and requirements each day. I particularly love creating and adapting systems to improve workflow and efficiency, as well as learning new things and investigating solutions to new problems.

I also trained as an Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force, and was a Police Officer for seven years, but those are stories for another day…

What you won’t learn from my bio

I’m a foster carer for rescue dogs and have fostered pretty much everything from tiny puppies that fit in one hand through to huge Bull Arabs and Great Danes that were taller than my couch.