Evohealth / Bringing hope to haemophilia patients

Bringing hope to haemophilia patients

Co-designing a clinical implementation plan for haemophilia gene therapy.


Gene therapy is on the horizon as a novel treatment for haemophilia, giving hope to patients and relief from life long therapy. However, the introduction into the Australian healthcare system will be complex.


A clinical implementation plan co-designed by clinicians from the Australian Haemophilia Centre Directors’ Organisation (AHCDO). The clinical plan can be found HERE.

Evohealth was engaged by the client to develop a stakeholder engagement plan. This is usually a straightforward task and includes identifying key stakeholders and developing core and segmented messages.

However, whilst working up the project plan with the client, mention was made of the data that had been collected and validated over many years. We decided to take a closer look. Bringing in a health economist we worked closely with the client to uncover the potential of this data.

Our team saw real value in the data, particularly given the paucity of evidence in the sector that this client operates. In fact, we determined that this data was perhaps the biggest asset that the client owned.

With this established, we worked to include the data asset in the key messages. The result is that the client was able to cut through the noise and raise the profile of the organisation with important stakeholders, both within and outside of Government.

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