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Capturing evidence in healthcare delivery

Breaking new ground by designing an evidence framework for a particular healthcare setting.


To design a framework focused on the collection of evidence to meet the standards required for Health Technology Assessment. The challenge was that it had never been done before in this healthcare setting.


A fit for purpose framework that will gather evidence and allow robust assessment to ensure that the interventions delivered are both clinically and cost-effective, thereby, delivering the best health outcomes to patients.

Delivering healthcare is a costly business. Governments around the world spend billions of dollars on health. Each dollar spent needs to deliver impact. Understanding how best to spend these funds underpins the principles of Health Technology Assessment.

Outside of medicines, vaccines and some medical services, many healthcare interventions have not been subject to robust economic assessment. As a result, it is difficult for Governments and policy makers to determine how best to spend their budgeted amount.

Our client wanted to change the approach in their healthcare setting. Keen to provide an innovative solution to decision makers, they engaged Evohealth to develop a framework to collect and assess evidence.

It is not as easy as it sounds. Establishing an evidence framework in an evidence free zone is difficult. It is made even more so when the interventions are already established practice.

Our experienced health economists scoped this problem from a variety of perspectives to understand how to incorporate the learnings from the pharmaceutical industry. Bringing the lens of the known to the unknown was critical to this project. The framework needed to be both robust and sensible. There was no need to overcook it.

The result is a framework that gives the client the edge in discussions with policy makers and ensures that current and future interventions will be based in evidence.

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