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Identifying alternative funding mechanisms

Helping the client decide how best to seek funding for this healthcare intervention.


It is difficult to gather sufficient evidence when the patient population size is small. This makes applying for standard funding pathways difficult. The challenge for this client was to find how best to fund a particular healthcare intervention, so that patients can receive the care they need.


An evidence-based decision algorithm that takes into account all of the possible funding mechanisms available.

Ensuring that healthcare interventions are both clinically and cost-effective is the backbone of Health Technology Assessment in Australia. This system is respected globally and has delivered a sustainable healthcare system and access to many health interventions for all Australians.

However, with the stratification of some health conditions into smaller and smaller patient cohorts, gathering sufficient evidence to support Health Technology Assessment is becoming increasingly difficult. Companies that innovate and provide solutions to these patient cohorts face a challenging road ahead should they choose the traditional funding pathways.

Our client wanted to scope widely to determine what other funding is available for their particular intervention.

Evohealth conducted both primary and secondary research to uncover any possible funding sources that might be available. This information was then filtered to develop an algorithm that best fit this particular intervention, thus providing options outside of the norm should they choose to seek the non-traditional funding pathway.

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