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Beyond Burnout: Supporting our General Practitioners

As the gateway to our health system, the demand and pressure on General Practitioners (GPs) is at an all-time high. It is alarming then that in recent years the number of GPs indicating they will leave the profession prematurely is increasing. Modelling of GP services continually predicts that demand will outpace supply if the status quo continues.
The ever-increasing pressures of a strained healthcare and funding system are frequently identified as the primary cause for GP dissatisfaction and future inadequate supply of workforce. Whilst funding cannot be ignored, other factors must be considered.

Over the past decade policy and program interventions have been aimed at improving the distribution of, and access to GPs with the majority focusing on financial incentives. These rarely mention the elements of GP job design that may make it a less desirable career option.

Our research reveals seven key areas that must be addressed to reverse the decline in the number of GPs available to deliver care in Australia’s primary health system. These are highlighted below:

The solution to this crisis sits within the profession. Policy makers need to consult and co-design future workforce policy and programs with the profession itself to address all elements of the role, along with the planned reforms to the system and model of care.

Our report, Beyond Burnout: Supporting our General Practitioners analyses the elements of GP job design, beyond funding and provides recommendation for Government and policymakers to ensure that we avoid our GPs from burning out.

Renae Beardmore

Managing Director, Evohealth


Senior Advisor, Evohealth


Advisor, Evohealth


Advisor, Evohealth


Advisor, Evohealth

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